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1. Pre-Evaluation

2. Immigration Application Requirements


Once you have submitted your initial contact information along with your current occupation and language level, our representative will fill out a short form in which you will be required to answer several questions regarding your education level, work experience and monthly household income to ensure that you have a good starting point before you invest precious time and money into the immigration process.

After submitting the information successfully, our experts will review your information and determine whether you meet the candidacy requirements.

If you meet the requirements, you will be assigned with a personal account manager who will contact you to provide you with a comprehensive overview about the offered services and register you to our Immigration Setup Package.

Consider yourself to be a great candidate if you meet the following requirements:

  • ​Ages from 28 to 42 (We may consider requests from older/younger candidates upon meeting other requirements)

  • Moderate to High Level of English / French

  • Bachelor's Degree / Graduate or Higher Level of Education (for instructions on ECA by WES, please click here)

  • Stable Income

  • No Criminal Record

  • In Good Health

Main Industries We Target:

  • IT, Communication and Engineering

  • Business, Finance & Banking

  • Medicine

  • Architecture & Internal Design

  • High Management

  • Academics

  • Sales, Marketing and HR

  • Legal Experts




The application requirements are all determined by the Canadian government. Most immigration programs are based on points system. ​


The points are given according to your profile analysis in terms of age, language level, work experience, education level, adaptability etc. Each parameter provides different score, and each immigration program defines different scoring criteria and different parameters.


To provide you with a list of mandatory requirements to submit a successful immigration application to the Canadian government, we will first need to evaluate your profile information and match your profile with the requirements of all valid immigration programs.


Upon meeting our internal requirements and upon utilizing our services, the Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultant (RCIC) you have been assigned with will analyze your profile information under both federal and provincial streams to determine under which program/s you may qualify.


If you are found eligible under one immigration program or more, our account managers will contact you to provide you with all the required information before filing the immigration application to the Canadian government.