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The ECA Process by WES

1. Adding Your Academic Credentials

2. Selecting Your Recipients

3. Sending Your Required Documents

4. Paying for Your Credential Evaluation

5. What to Expect​ After Application Submission 


After you have created your online account, filled in your personal information, and selected the purpose of your application, you'll be redirected to Your Education page. Wherein, you need to fill-in all the academic credentials that you wish to evaluate.


For all Canadian Standard Application, you have to select the ECA Application for IRCC, only completed degrees or diplomas will be evaluated. Most importantly, be sure to enter your full name exactly as it appears on other credentials.

Note: If the name on your application differs from the name that appears on your academic transcripts or other required documents, this would delay the evaluation process.


As part of the application, you need to choose your recipients. The recipients are the institutions or schools that will receive a copy of your credential evaluation. By default, you will also receive a copy of your credential evaluation report. You cannot opt to have your credential evaluation report sent to a different recipient (instead of you).

Also, you may change your recipients after you have submitted your application. You have the option in My Account to add or delete recipients even after you have submitted your application.

Note: If you are applying for an ECA Application for Canadian immigration, IRCC will automatically be listed as one of your recipients.

You can also choose to add immigration recipients from a pre-approved list of Canadian immigration institutions; you can manually add your RCIC as recipient “ImmigCanada Immigration Consulting Firm” 3 Place Ville Marie Suite 400 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 2E3.


After you have chosen your evaluation report and your delivery options, you will receive a list of the required documents that you're required to send it to WES. Also, you can send your academic documents to WES, being sure to carefully follow the sealed envelope guidelines, or you can have your educational institutions send your official academic records to WES.

It is always recommended to have your institutions send your official documents to WES directly so that documents arrive in the appropriate sealed envelope.

Quick Tip: Do not send original documents to WES, unless specifically requested to do so, as originals will not be returned. Instead, official document copies should be sent.

WES online account does not expire. Likewise, there is no WES deadline for sending in your required documents. You can log into My Account to see your required documents at any time. But remember, WES does not begin evaluating your credentials until they've received the full payment and all your required documents.


After the review of your credentials, you will be taken to the Payment page. Wherein, you can pay via credit card, a bank transfer via Western Union, or you can choose to pay via check or money order.

If you’re having trouble making a payment via credit card, first make sure that the billing zip code or postal code you have entered is correct and matches the zip code or postal code on the credit card’s billing account.

Then, contact your bank to notify about the attempted payment to ensure that your bank is not blocking the transaction.

You can change payment methods at any time by logging into My Account, where you’ll be able to make a payment via the method of your choice.


All Canadian credential evaluations are subjected to the Harmonized Sales Tax. The Canadian government requires collecting this tax.


After you submit your application online, you will receive your WES reference number. If you ever forget your WES reference number, you can find it by logging into My Account, where it will appear at the top of the page, or by clicking on Account's Menu. Once your application is received, reviewed, and accepted all your required documents and obtained payment in full, the credential evaluation report takes 20 business days to complete.

You can also check the status of your credential evaluation and any documents received in My Account